Ban appeal- Handtrap-“ERP and leaving when ahelped”

SS14 account username: Handtrap

Ban reason: “ERP and leaving when ahelped” 

Date of ban: I found out I was banned when I tried to join on the 8th of July, but apart from that no time was given. 

Length of ban: Only by getting a ban appeal. 

Events leading to the ban: I do not know as I haven’t done any of the things given in the ban, the only logical explanation I can think of is if my dad did as we have the same wifi address  and both play but he isn’t the type of person to do so either. 

 Reason the ban should be removed: I haven’t done any of the given reasons for the ban and do not want to do any of the given reasons for the ban.  

You should now be able to connect to the servers, the ban was only intended to affect a player who you appear to share a connection with

From Accepted to Ban Appeals