Ban appeal jervis mcfarkle

BobTheSleder - being mean to a nukie in dead chat

SS14 account: SS14 account username.
Character name: I normally use Jervis McFarkle, but I was an observer during this
Type of Ban: game ban
Date of Ban and Duration: Dec 6, 1 day
Reason for Ban: “be polite to fellow users please. do not abuse your anonymity by saying hurtful things and then leaving when you get your name attached to them”
Server you were playing on when banned: Server name. Lizard
Your side of the story: I understand if what I said was mean enough to warrant a day ban, but what does the second part of the ban message mean? 

First, I don’t understand the “abuse your anonymity” part, as joining as an observer results in a blank name. This is out of my control. Second, how exactly did my name get “attached” to me? What does that even mean? I left because I decided I no longer wanted to talk to the person I was arguing with, not because my name was “attached” to what I said, if it even was in the first place. Plus, even if I knew what the attachment is referring to, I wouldn’t leave as a result of that. If I were ahelped, I would have stayed to explain, but there was no opportunity to do so. An explanation of this ban would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.
Why you think you should be unbanned: I, within reason, roleplay within the server as a regular person. No self-antagging, I play my role, and I get along with people who are good at the game.
Anything else we should know: The meanest thing I said was after I figured out that either the nukie was either ignorant to the fact that going solo as nukie is a terrible idea, or was simply not trying to win. I said “so are you stupid or malicious”. If that is mean enough to warrant a ban I understand, but the reason I was so agitated is because I know what it is like to be on the team of a nukie trying to do the hero solo nukie when all the nukies are still alive and moving together.

You spent the better part of 10 minutes armchair commanding any operatives who showed up in dead chat and repeatedly grilling them over not being successful which was frankly over the top. Let people play the game.

You appear to have quickly left when an admin was notified of the situation and started looking at it. I have no idea if this is intentional or not, nor do I know if you were intentionally putting people on blast because you knew you were difficult to identify with no name.

I do think a 24 hour cool-off period is appropriate for just going completely out of your way to berate someone for splitting off from the group to try and accomplish the objective. Suggesting that it may be a better plan to stick with the team or operate with more cohesion is fine, making caricatures of someone’s response five times and then saying “that’s you that’s how dumb you sound this is you” is going out of your way to be a dick to someone just trying to play the game.


This appeal (for a 24hr ban) is denied.

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