Ban appeal - madjojosg2 - Self antagonizing

Ban reason: “Sabotaged AME a second time within 2 hours of being warned not to (Disassembling + increasing injection to 90). Stopped interacting/moving as they were being contacted.”
Length of ban: Can only be removed via appeal.
Events leading to the ban: I was released from the prison and I walked to the AME. I’ve  increased the injection rate like stated and removed two parts of the AME shielding. After that I left the AME and walked around a bit. I didn’t do anything when I was contacted or being spoken to.
Reason the ban should be removed: First of all, maybe the Admin knew more than me but as far as I remember I only touched the AME that one time. Also the not interaction and also not even moving is because of the fact that I had to go AFK which was unpreventable and spontaneuos, which meant that I was unable to make clear that I had to. This may have resulted in the admin thinking that I did that on purpose, but I didn’t. I’m sorry for my actions and I hope to get unbanned soon. Cheers


Another admin very clearly, two hours prior, told you that you probably should not be disassembling/sabotaging power and then attacking people who catch you doing it because you know it is wrong to do and you don’t want anyone else to find out. I find your story difficult to believe at best.

Well then I forgot that, sorry. It was not in my intentions to lie.


But I want to add, I did not immediately just as he wrote me not move or do anything, it was before that. Also why would I do that? It’s pretty clear that that wouldn’t be saving me from a ban.

If you are caught trying to sabotage things again while not being an antagonist it is highly likely your next contact will result in a voucher ban. I strongly suggest you are on your best behavior going forward. Accepted.

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