(Ban Appeal) Pilotus: self antag ban

SS14 Account: Pilotus

Character name: Rusty

Type of ban: Permanent ingame ban

Reason for ban: Multiple Acts of self antag

Server i was playing on when i was banned: lizard

My side of the story: i was relatively new to ss13/ss14, so my natural response to being wronged would be to murder everyone involved, And i have changed since then.

Why i think i should be unbanned: i was reckless with my actions during my time in ss14 and I apologize sincerely, it will not happen again.


Thanks for your time -Rusty

Due to your attempt to ban evade under the account name “Pilot” in late May this appeal has been denied.

You may now only appeal with a voucher of good behavior from another server, SS13 or SS14. If another server will back up your claims that you have changed, then you may return.

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