Ban Appeal - Player HollowPearl

Role Ban reason:  For attempting to demote an officer for asking for a second mag (Head of Security)
Length of ban: 3 days
Events leading to the ban:  Player had immediately come up to me at the start of the round asking for a second mag and had explain that in the previous “shift” he had died because of it, at this request I had told him no, and continued on discussing with the officers, I had mentioned a rule I would be holding during the round that if I catch sec offs loitering without proper and true reason (talking is fine idc) that it would be a demotion, now this player didn’t do that exactly but I had only made that because I had been noticing recent sec off games had sec offs doing so anyway it kinda relates to this kinda doesn’t anyway, the player soon returns and requests a new lethal mag, stating he had clearly used his already, I was in no mood for bullshit and didn’t trust that he had JUST used his lethal mag, I imagined he was hiding it away, and I didn’t want sec offs trying to pull a fast one on me so I said no, I wasnt dealing with it and he was being demoted on the spot for trying it, in hindsight its a 50/50 I feel I had the right if one of my sec offs is acting like a child hiding candy from their parents only to ask for more, but at the same time I should’ve asked more questions before I got ahead of myself, I just hadn’t been having good rounds that day.
Reason the ban should be removed: I wish I was on to discuss my reasoning and what not but for such an event I don’t exactly see how I was 100% in the wrong, I feel like something was taken out of context before this ban, if allowed could I see the footage of what was shown or lead up to this?

I just realized I used the wrong template god dammit. gimme a bit


Going to handle this appeal under an expedited process due to the simplicity of the issue.

After watching the replay, this appeal is accepted, with a word of caution in mind.  I recommend easing up on your department staff when operating as a HoS or warden - saying no is one thing, but being a hardass is a great way to ruin your entire department’s experience, especially considering that they’re likely being heckled by other crewmembers simply for existing.

While I respect why the roleban was initially applied, as the Head of Security you are within your rights to hire and fire crewmembers from security within reason. Considering that a direct responsibility of the warden/HoS is to avoid mismanagement of armory resources, denying requests for additional lethal ammo is entirely in line with that expectation as well, and I see no issue with how you handled that. Suspecting a secoff of lying in order to procure extra/better equipment is minor, but would still fall within reason for removal from the department in this case.

The events that took place AFTER the demotion are still suspect, and I’d caution you against making situations worse by being overly aggressive. A demotion would have been enough to get your point across, and the warden should not have been inserting himself into the situation or flushing the demoted secoff into disposals after the fact. While the appeal is being accepted, it is moreso due to your appeal admitting that you may have overstepped due to prior rounds affecting your judgment. Had you not admitted that, I’d have likely let the ban stick.

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