Ban appeal reply for retequizzle

You just spewed out a bunch of mumbo jumbo about ego on my ban appeal, thats kinda ironic when you extend my ban for a week for no reason,did it make you feel special, you didn’t even listen to any of my points, theres no direct way to message you this and ill probably get banned off the forums now but i dont care anymore if this is the state of the community, literially played the game for the first time in months, i havent even been given a ban reason but no doubt you would make one up like toxicity or some other crap.

I gave you a ban reason. Don’t be a dick in ahelps. Your forum suspension also says “don’t be a dick in general”. Not that hard.

And you are correct, you’re now restricted from posting for a week. Coincidentally, that’ll be when you get unbanned in the game. Any other complaints, feel free to take it up with mirrorcult.

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