Ban Appeal-Rule 0

SS14 account: aedannx
Character name: This happened in march so I don’t remember
Type of Ban: permanent game ban
Date of Ban and Duration: two months ago, permanent 
Reason for Ban:  “Invoking Rule 0 as you don’t seem to be a good fit for the community at the moment. Banning admin is metalgearsloth.” 
Server you were playing on when banned: I am unsure.
Your side of the story: Someone asked why I was banned so I told them the full story and then got banned for rule 0. I had appealed a week before for a previous ban.
Why you think you should be unbanned: Because I didn’t break any rules, I don’t think its very fair that admins can just pull “rule 0” out of their ass and permanently ban someone from playing the game. I mean a mute, a warning or anything else would have been preferred given the context, of me just explaining the long story on how I ended up with a perm ban for 5 months, of your not comfortable with that, then just mute me or warn me
Anything else we should know: not really, just a little frustrated how I have to wait two months because some rule 0 bullshit that came from nowhere, because the ban message gave me a very vague census saying that I was a good fit for the community at “the moment” so I just considered the next two months “the moment”


now obviously metalgearsloth is a respected admin and im sure hes allowed to do this rule 0 shit because of that but still i really think that this could have been handled differently

I’m just going to reaffirm sloth’s opinion here. You are one of I believe only two players to be rule 0’d, ever, in the history of the server. And It’s staying that way.

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