Ban Appeal - Salty_Swine

SPACE STATION 14 USERNAME: Salty_Swine - BAN APPEAL (Griefing , Ban Evasion)
SS14 account username: Salty_Swine
Ban reason: Dismantling Ship then attempted ban evasion
Date of ban: Late August or Early September i don’t remember
Length of ban: I think Perma Ban until i appeal
Events leading to the ban: One game i was playing as a non antag janitor when i had the foolish idea to start dismantling the ship. I then was reasonably banned for my actions and in an attempt to keep
playing i then made a new account to see if I could still log in. An admin saw that, then perma banned me with good reason. I believe the admin that caught me and talked to me was stealth16 but im not sure. I then tried to lie my way out
of the situation which got me nowhere but further down a rabbit hole. 
Reason the ban should be removed: I think I should be unbanned because I have waited my time and I have also used this time to understand the full extent of what i did. I wasn’t just breaking the ship I was actually having “fun” at other peoples 
expense which is not acceptable for many reasons that I now understand. I also now fully see why ban evasion is serious due to these admins working on the game trying to keep it operational and me trying to lie to them helps nobody and now
I fully appreciate what they have to deal with after reflecting on my scenario. If I am unbanned I will NEVER do something like this and I will instead spend my time helping grow and help this community get bigger and better if i get the chance again.
I truly am sorry to the players and admins that had to deal with what I did and all I would like is a second chance to show that, that is not the player I am. I would love to play this game again and I truly apologize for my actions towards
the admins and community that plays this game. All im asking for is 1 more chance.

P.S I Seriously do not remember being banned before this

As stated in your last appeal, you require a voucher of good behavior from another SS13/SS14 server to appeal this ban. This voucher should be from a well-known or at least fairly active SS13/SS14 server’s administration team and should be reflective of at least a few months of playtime.


Closing this. You may reappeal if you have a voucher.

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