Ban appeal (self antag welder bombing)

SS14 account username: George Gimme

Ban reason: self antag welder bombing

Date of ban: 2023-03-02

Length of ban: appeal only

Events leading to the ban: I’ve messed around quite a few times, I always try to do it in a way that doesn’t affect other players but this time I definitely went too far I welder bombed botany they were being rude to me. I got upset which caused me to act out irrationally without considering the consequences of my actions  I understand this was an disproportionate escalation and I’m sorry.

Reason the ban should be removed: I promise that I will never do something like this again I will follow all the server rules in the future I have read over the rules carefully multiple times and now I know them all by heart, being unbanned would really mean a lot to me because I have been playing this game every day for a while and not being able to play anymore would be heartbreaking to me. I understand this is a bit early for a ban appeal but I just really want to get back to playing my favorite game. I hope I haven’t caused too much trouble for the admins as I really appreciate them for keeping the game fun to play and creating a great community.

You have accumulated seven notes for self-antagonism or generally poor behavior, six of them in the last two weeks.

  • 01/27 - Tampered with arrivals to the point arrivals was nonfunctional and electrified.
  • 02/19 - Was unable to be confirmed but multiple reports of your character engaging in self-antagonism.
  • 02/19 - Making pills of poison and leaving them out for the crew as a non-antagonist chemist.
  • 02/24 - Looting the armory at the start of the round as the Warden.
  • 02/25 - Over-application of force as HoS but may have been do to a current doafter bug, but then handed the civilian a pistol from the armory to apologize.
  • 02/27 - What appeared to be RDM on the emergency shuttle prior to round end. You claimed you were attacked, logs did not support this claim.
  • 02/28 - Joined in with two people trying to break firelocks in maintenance for absolutely no purpose.
  • 03/01 - Welderbombing people and saying you “weren’t thinking” as justification for doing it.


You have been warned far more times then I think you should have been. I personally have not had an interaction with you, however I have seen the name “George Gimmie” show up in the admin help relay way too many times to pass off your behavior as coincidental or not disruptive. Why do you expect us to believe that you’re going to turn around and change after we thought that would happen the past 7 times we talked to you?

when I tampered to arrivals I was fairly new to the game and I wanted to build a house, stupid I know but I didn’t know much about the game at that time I didn’t mean to electrify the doors I didn’t know how to properly lock them.

the poison pills where not intentional I was just messing around trying to find out new medicine recipes I didn’t know that I could just check the wiki yet.

when I looted the armory as warden it was my first time as warden and I put them back when hos told me I wasn’t supposed to have them.

the over application of force as hos was because I thought rubber bullets worked like disabler shots I didn’t know they did actual damage I gave them the pistol because I felt really bad about almost killing them it was stupid on my part.

the RDM on the shuttle was before I found out that you were allowed to do whatever after the end screen I thought it was when the shuttle took off and I thought someone punched me because I heard the punching sound and thought it was an attack on me.

joining in with the people to break the firelock was uncalled for I just saw them and joined in because I thought they had a good reason I should have asked what they were doing before joining

The welder bombing was over escalation I’m sorry. there’s no reason for this one

I really enjoy this game and I’m sorry for the trouble I’ve caused, if I’m unbanned I promise to change for the better in the future I will follow rules more diligently. I have reread all the rules and I now know a lot more about the game so I wont make any more stupid mistakes.

One day prior to your ban you were told the following


CakeMaestor: I’m going to be very honest with you, this is probably going to be a last warning since you already have many notes to your name. I’m giving you a final warning, is what I’m saying. You’re on thin ice, please behave.

And literally, the next day, you proceeded to bomb someone out of frustration.

How can we know you will not do this again?

I promise I will not break any rules in the future, I know that this doesn’t prove that I wont but I’m just asking for one more chance to demonstrate my ability to follow rules. honestly I am sorry and I just want to get back to playing I wont cause any trouble in the future I promise

The admin team has decided to set the duration of this ban to expire 1 week from now.

You are highly encouraged to read our more detailed version of rules at before returning to play. While it’s inevitable for players to make some mistakes, especially new ones, you’ve gained notes at an unusual rate. If you have questions about any rules, I’d encourage you to err on the side of caution and ahelp to request clarification before taking any actions. Future instances, especially if they occur in the near future, are unlikely to be handled with leniency.

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