Ban Appeal Sowq Vile RP

SS14 account username: Sowq
Ban reason: I was banned for “Vile RP”
Date of ban:05/4/2023
Length of ban: permanent
Events leading to the ban: I was arrested and emoted that i defecated, and smeared feces on the cell door window so they could not see me.
Reason the ban should be removed. In all honesty, i did not see that as “Extremely Vile.” I understand that there are limits to what can be said and done, and infringing on another players experience is not okay. This specific scene was fairly isolated, the emotes I used did not affect other players, and I was using it to spice up the scene a bit more. I’m sorry to say that I crossed a line, and that’s a line I will not cross again if allowed back into the server. I did not receive a formal warning, the action was performed and I was immediately banned. Given a warning, the behavior would not be repeated. 


I don’t know where you’ve played where this is even remotely okay or warrants a warning. I’d tell you to appeal again in a month but it looks like you immediately attempted to ban evade so don’t bother.

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