Ban Appeal - Specism

SS14 account username:  chacmul
Ban reason: Specism
Date of ban: November 9th, 2022
Length of ban: Appeal Only
Events leading to the ban: I was playing on a low-pop Origin shift as a Salvage Specialist when I had an idea to use the cloning bay in maints and convert it to a full fledged base with the help of Science. I’d say at least 15 minutes passed in the time which I gathered up the mats I needed and set up the cloner before making the base. The HoS and Captain called the shuttle around the 17 minute mark, the reason being “No Security and somebody stole AME fuel.” I don’t remember if there were any security, as I never opened the manifest and have seen extremely low Security spawns pulling through during peak hours.

I walk over to Engineering where I ask an Engineer if they have AME fuel and they don’t respond and move on, to which I ask the CE rudely if they have AME fuel. They respond with yes, and they don’t understand what they’re talking about in Command chat. At this point in time I’m beyond pissed as well as the rest of the crew, then I tell the CE to attempt to recall which we head to the bridge to do. The CE arrives to bridge and cannot recall as they were too late. The HoS is saying something to somebody, I believe towards the CE about how there’s no security and they must call to stop potential nukies and Syndicate from taking over the station. I snap at this point and completely curse out the HoS and Captain for calling the shuttle for no particular reason, eventually leading to me saying the stuff that got me banned a day later. I can remember the end of round report, it being an extended shift and the round lasting for a total of 22 or 23 minutes. 
Reason the ban should be removed:  I do feel a sense of pride for solely dedicating myself to cargo’s micromanaging, but I’ve reflected and see that dealing with it constantly is no good for a person like myself. I’ve gotten a lot of notes on my account from frustration and irrational behavior in the few weeks before this ban from playing Cargo and stressing out over little things and making terrible judgements by doing so. This is a personality issue which I am in the process of resolving, not being able to think rationally and acting calm while under constant stress. 

I wish for yet another chance, and I am sorry to the multiple people who I’ve hurt verbally over something that I could’ve handled in a different way regarding how I acted or outright avoiding the situation entirely. If the staff accepts this appeal, I will also ask for self-imposed indefinite ban on Cargo until I feel like I can play Cargo without dedicating myself towards it and a repeat of this happening. Sorry if this is messy, I’ll fix it up later.

This appeal is accepted. If you are feeling stress ingame, you are encouraged to take a step back from the situation and remove yourself from the round.

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