Ban Appeal: StinkSnare

Role(s): [All heads]
Date of ban: [Monday, July 17]
Length of ban: [permanent]
Events leading to the ban: [I late joined as hop, not knowing of the time limit I had imposed on me. so early into the shift as Head of personnel i had to go permanently ssd, so before i left i picked the service worker without an important role, mime, who was at my office at the time, I informed my fellow heads of the head change and went ssd before any of my fellow heads responded. when i came back i was rolebanned from every head role.]
Reason the ban should be removed: [Even if it was frowned upon to let a mime take over, making a secoff hop would shorten another head’s team i also had a lack of time and someone at my disposal. The other heads had the full ability to overturn my discission with ease, and there was a secoff watching over my office. mime was a simple choice due to their lack of other duties and they were technically in the line of command for hop. along with that, i’ve seen plenty of shifts in which someone not certified by NT became hop, leading me to believe it was a okay thing to do as long as i had people with the ability to overturn my decision.]

Please make an appeal using the ss14 account that is banned

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