Ban Appeal - The reason itself is inappropriate

SS14 account username: White_Magic
Ban reason: ““tfaggot””
Date of ban: I do not know
Length of ban: I do not know
Events leading to the ban: I do not know
Reason the ban should be removed: I dont even know why I am banned to begin with.  I havent played in like a week and all the sudden when I try to join it says I am banned.  I never was removed from the server or got any ban message before.

I have 43 hours in the game and have only played on this server, after looking at other posts it seems i should have put the ban length as “on appeal”

We periodically sweep through logs for things that slipped through the cracks, like this:


Reason for the ban could have been a bit more specific, but in the future, watch the language and there won’t be issues. Ban will be lifted shortly.

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