Ban Appeal UnitNorth - Random Killing as Security member

SS14 account: UnitNorth

Character name: Jane (something) cannot remember

Type of Ban: Job ban

Date of Ban and Duration: Start: 5 November - 19 November

Reason for Ban: I didn’t receive the official reason of the ban for some reason. But I assume it’s random killing or such

Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard

Your side of the story: Me and another man sort of ganged up on a clown who was making jokes, and we killed him. I can go in further detain if asked to expand on it.

Why you think you should be unbanned: Look, the idea was fun at the start, but later I understood that what I just did moment’s ago, ruined someones experience. I understand that I did wrong, and I admitted to it. The thing is, I view a 2 week ban for this a bit over the top. But still, I acknowledged what I did wrong, and promise not to do such things again.

Anything else we should know: Even if my appeal doesn’t get accepted for some reason, I would like to see at least a shorter job ban, because 2 weeks is just a lot

For clarity:

You were banned from Warden and Head of Security (And I think captain as well) due to misuse of lethals in violation of rule 12. You are still able to play security. This allows you to gain experience making non-lethal arrests.

The way I see it, if you didn’t need that additional time and experience in using non-lethals, you wouldn’t have killed the clown. I don’t view this as a punishment, I view this as “you need more time in the lower stakes role before you can shoot people again”. If you disagree, then please explain to me how that has changed in the… hour and a half since between your armory ban and your appeal.


UnitNorth: The thing is, mods/admins usually accept any appeals after atleast some time has passed from the warn/kick
UnitNorth: But alright

No time has passed.

 The thing is, I acknowledge that I did wrong by shooting the person there. But I’m not appealing the job ban because I cannot get guns from the armory.

I’m appelaing it, since as a HoS or the Warden, you get the roleplay experience. As the SO or Detective, it isn’t as much. I view the 2 roles as RP valuable, though it may sound wierd.

As I said, I’m not mad that I don’t have access to the lethal armory, I’m mad about the sentence. 2 weeks for something not so major seems exessive to me.

About the “No time has passed”

The moderator that gave me the job-ban, told me I could apply even straight away, so I decided to.


I’m atleast asking you to lower the sentence a bit, 2 weeks is too long.

Speaking as someone who has been Security Officer and Detective while you have been Warden (no idea about HoS), you are never in the brig. As Warden, you run around leaving the brig and armoury unguarded and officers/cadets unsupervised while they brig people.

I have the same opinion as stealth from what i’ve seen of your play, you aren’t malicious, you aren’t stupid, but you just don’t understand what the Warden role is for due to lack of experience and don’t understand what it’s like to be an Officer or a Prisoner under the authority of a Warden that is absent and a HoS that doesn’t understand the department.

As for Roleplay, recently I’ve commented in a ban appeal for a Head of Security player who ‘roleplayed’. Their roleplay negatively affected their department, and the station’s perception of that department and caused problems where there didn’t need to be any.

What Stealth is looking for from your appeal, is for you to demonstrate what you have learned from playing Security Officer or Detective for at least week. Show us you’ve become handled the mechanics of the game well enough, to be able to fight with your hand tied behind your back and with a code of honour. That you’ve developed a grasp of how to de-escalate dangerous scenarios as a security officer, and that you’ve come to understand how difficult it can be to be an officer or detective who has to handle arrest, brigging, processing and releasing of prisoners all without a warden to take over or a HoS to co-ordinate you and your team-mates.

Given this ban was placed to make you play the lower-ranked roles more… there is very little motive for us right now to accept the ban… an hour after it has been placed.


I do believe your IC name is Jane Hawking, by the way.

**Streaky thank you for explaining it further to me, I’ll be a SO / Detective for the time being, and get experience with non-lethals and such.

Though I made a clear point there. I understand that the request was ignored. But then I’m going to ask a question why is it a 2 week job-ban? And sorry in advance that i’ve been asking this multiple times, but I’d like an answer.**

 I want to say I explained it in the relay however I suppose I can explain it again:


The rest is mostly irrelevant. Yes this probably won’t get appealed right away but the forums facilitate discussion if you think it’s not right or too harsh so that’s why we’re here now.

I can’t rule on this as the banning admin, but I will reiterate what I said here; What this essentially boiled down to was you blatantly RDM’ing the clown in cooperation with a salvage tech over absolutely nothing. The player playing the clown even tried to get you to stop and offered no resistance and you flat out killed him then unceremoniously dumped his body somewhere in medbay where it rotted. Not only did you tell a salvage tech it was okay to kill a clown you knew you were joking with, when the salvage tech “actually did it” you had the audacity to join in on it by shooting the clown and beating him to death instead of correcting what you had set in motion. This is DESPITE the fact that you already, before explaining anything, “understand that it’s wrong”.

The only conclusion I can draw from this sequence of events is you decided to take the opportunity to kill the clown for no reason using the salvage tech’s initiation of it at your heed as a cover or excuse to minimize it. As I also said in the relay, my initial reflex was to just totally security department job ban you because that is absolutely excessive and security has enough problems as it is without Wardens extrajudicially murdering people at random. You are not being prevented from playing Security or any other role on the station for two weeks. You can find something else to do that isn’t two specific one-slot jobs on the station for two weeks. The duration was arbitrarily decided by me as a duration which might get you to appreciate other jobs more and/or a duration which will help remind you why killing the clown for a joke isn’t taken lightly as the Warden.

lonesoldier55, thanks for explaining, I just wanted a more official explanation of the duration of the ban and why I got given the 2 week sentence, thanks!


I believe there is no more discussion to be had here right now and I am closing this. You are invited to make another appeal in a week.

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