Ban Appeal Wrongfully Banned

SS14 account username: gunker123
Ban reason: not the correct age to play
Date of ban: 3/3/23
Events leading to the ban: I was wrongfully jailed in game, i told them repeatedly but they wouldnt listen, i was than banned after joking to an admin that i was one year older than he inferred that I was.
Reason the ban should be removed: This admin with the world “Engineer” in his name, I can’t remember it completely, fully and blantantly abused his power to ban people. I made a joke which i thought was aloud, instead I am punished for it.  He did not take any action to accumulate information on if I were serious or not about my age, he also implied that I was actually 13, meaning he assumed I was, and would have been okay with it if I hadn’t even mentioned it. This is a power thirsty admin who in the eyes of the people, is not for the people, but for himself and full control over the people.

don’t bother appealing


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