Ban appeal:

Ss14 account: SnowySpook223

Character name: juanito joemama

Server i was playing on when banned: spider, 3 weeks ago

My side of the story: I got cloned for the second time that round (plasma leaked) and i was walking through the main hallway, i opened a locker to see someone inside, (this is where my logic gets mega stupid), after leaking plasma i would usually hide in a locker, so i applied the same logic to them (like a moron) and then i beat them to death and left during questioning, in retrospect i realize that i also hide in lockers while im afk so my logic was very flawed.

Why i think i should be unbanned: Ive had three weeks to reflect, ive been really bored these past couple weeks, i love this game, and getting permbanned for a stupid lapse in judgement is completely my fault, if i were to get unbanned, i know i would never do something like this again.

Anything else y’all should know: I truly regret what ive done and im sorry.

Continuing to do this will just net you an irreversable ban. Last warning, take a month and appeal again then.

From Rejected to Ban Appeals

From Rejected to Ban Appeals