Ban Appeal

          Hello, my account name is grasshole (or usually Marion Semenov) and I have been banned from Wizard’s Den Lizard [US West} by the admin Pancake (still love them tho pancake is the best admin) for anti-Semitic remarks, but now due to digging myself into the deepest shithole possible of my own fault for being a dumbass not taking the situation seriously, leading me now to be banned in the discord and left with a very poor reputation, of course deserved. I do know now that I definitely should’ve taken everything much more seriously and I’m sorry for seeming like an genuine asshole as it in no way was my intentions.

           To start this entire appeal off I need to add that I know you get the little brother excuse a lot and this is not meant to be one of them or even an excuse for that matter. Considering that, I do genuinely need to make clear that when the remarks were said (as explained in the discord), I was letting my older sister play the game (as attempts of shock humor). Due to my failure to guide her into how to play, she had a lesser understanding on what and what not may be acceptable to say in the chat. Because of my negligence I was unable to stop her from taking it as far as she did. I’m sorry. I should have properly integrated her into how to play the game I completely should’ve done better with watching what she did. The scale of inappropriate remarks was due to her not completely taking the game chat (and game for that matter) seriously (as you can tell by her name at the time) as a means to tease me, as we usually do within our family.

            Now that I have that out of the way I should let know that I in no way am deflecting the blame, however, I am need to make clear of this situation that the intentions on which the remarks, and ongoing explanation, were all made in an ongoing attempt to keep the situation lighthearted as I do naturally try to do, but I failed to garner that it wasn’t taken well, however I continued to act in that way. For this, I truly do apologize.

The reason I am making this long of an apology is that I very much do enjoy playing SS14 and really do want to follow the development process of the game, enough to even be willing to join the development team one day (however that’s getting to far ahead of myself) but I genuinely do not want to ruin this community and at the very least wish you don’t regard me as a troll, I’m just very VERY bad at taking things seriously. But now that I’ve fucked myself over this hard by doing the same thing over and over I realize this is a point where this situation is finally something I do very much realize I need to take seriously.


my discord account is grassh0le#8821 sorry for not adding that.

Seems like someone should have a talk with your sister.

Please reopen a new ban appeal following the template. Denied.

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From Rejected to Ban Appeals