Ban Appeal

SS14 account: s00thsayer
Character name: Hitler sama
Character name: Hitler sama
When was the ban: 1/24/2022
Server you were playing on when banned: EU West 1 (Spider)
Your side of the story: I actually didnt realised my name was inappropriate. I get it right now, and i am very sorry. I learned the game from a streamer who has a storytelling podcast. The podcast is about a time traveller who travels to the past and tries to fix major problems. But at his first try, he stucks in the year where Hitler is 11 and he is helping him to become an artist and a normal human being. In my roleplay I was going to play the Hitler as a happy cook. The random moustache was Hitler’s moustache and I decided to keep it but be a better one. To be honest, as an 17 years old living in Turkey, I dont see any conversation about Hitler in my whole life. In turkish servers we could use nicknames like that cuz it wouldnt offend anyone but I can only see how wrong it is right now. Even if I dont get unbanned, you can be sure im aware about it right now.


Why you think you should be unbanned: Because I didnt meant to hurt any feelings. And I will be very careful if there will be a next time. I am really not a bad person, I just didnt think enough about it. I am very sorry if someone is offended from my nickname.
Anything else we should know: I am sorry, it wont happen again.

I have 3 adminmessages sent to you spaced apart roughly 5 minutes each asking you about your name. Why didn’t you answer? (We know you saw the messages, do not use that excuse)


DogZero: Nice name you got there
DogZero: Where did you find it?
DogZero: Well, you better explain why the name in the forums


After connecting, I went to grab a plate of beans and rice but when I went to kitchen I saw the beans were drying/burning (i dont know which is the right use) I had to put the pot under the hot water so it burnt things wont stick and tried to save some beans to eat. When I grabbed my plate and sit on my chair I was expecting to be killed or kicked for being afk but I saw red “ADMIN MESSAGE” on the top left and after reading those messages, I came here to explain immediately. The window was probably on my screen whole the time  because I didnt even moved myself or the cursor. If I can explain these all in my first appeal, why would I try to escape your messages on purpose? I wish I saw those messages and immediately change my name. It would be easier than writing so many sentences for me. If you dont believe me I can send you an image of my dried beans in the burnt pot. If I am sounding rude, I really dont mean to. I sometimes use different words or sound like someone mad because of my main language. I am still getting better at english.

unbanning. however let it be noted that you are on thin ice

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