Ban appeal

Username: Muhammad_Avdol
Character: Muhammad Avdol
When was the ban: I was banned 26/01/2022 around 22:00 Gmt+1 time

My side of the story: Me and a friend wanted to take over sec because there was already some tension around it and we wanted to open the gates to armory and see what chaos would erupt. So we started blasting and then opened the doors and let everyone inside. Later we went up to the helm to proclaim the ship under new leadership under the engineers. When we started to kill people there i was messaged by an admin to stop so when i noticed it  i stopped killing and proclaimed my intentions of the ship. However i did not write to admin about my plans instead i wrote in all chat radio to everyone what i was doing so to not break rp, to have a reason of my killing because i heard also that people didn’t like the captain so i proclaim myself as the new captain and engineers could bear arms and then i was banned. 

Why you think should be unbanned: I was just learning the possibilities of the game and wanted to see what would happen if i gave the free people weapons and crush the sec. I know i was kinda weak in my rp intention in the beginning because i was in the moment. I didn’t notice that i could have broken the rules because everybody just went along and later also some started speak up about the captain and i had my chance to rp to. Also when the admin told me to stop i didn’t really understand what i did wrong but then i maybe thought that he didn’t like the killing so i stopped and was banned. But now i understand that i broke some rules and i am sorry for that and i promise it won’t repeat. 

Anything else we should know: As i said i won’t do this again and i mean a permabann is to harsh so i could accept a limited ban for a couple of days. 

It was “Lizard” Server forgot to mention.

You just pointedly ignored the actual ban reason: You were using some sort of outside communication method (presumably voicechat) to coordinate with your friend, which is strictly prohibited.

Appeal Denied.

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From Rejected to Ban Appeals