Ban Appeal

SS14 account: IronFist

Character name: Honkfoolery Clownson

When was the ban: 21/02/2022 7:39 UTC

Server: Wizard’s Den

Your side of the story:  I got banned by moony for griefing sec and crew as clown including stealing PDA, weaponry then trespassing into bridge, rerouting trash chutes into brig and all other sorts of unfunny stuff.

Why you think you should be unbanned: Well I have been playing clown for weeks and I didn’t think those actions were considered griefing until now as I thought it was more of a joke rather than griefing but I do understand that PDA, weapon stealing and all the other stuff is a way of griefing and just labels you as a self-antag so I do apologize for that for the past few days and today.  I’ll promise not to do those types of stuffs again.

Anything else we should know: None

I’m opting to lift this ban and instead impose a ban on playing as clown for the next three days.

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