Ban appeal

Username:Shwonkmchsuffle Character name at the time of ban:Esteban Goodman I think the ban happened around the 3:30 want paying much attention to the time the server i was on was Wizards Den Lizard Us West I got banned cause i punched a lizard and tried to steal his glass then i ran away.I dont pose much value to the community except for playing the game.I think they should reduce the time of my ban i dont think it justifyed permaban though atleast 2 or three weeks it was a minor infraction after all i will try in my best efforts to not do it again.

Why’d you leave to avoid talking to an admin about it?

This is the second time you have left to avoid ahelp discussion. It’s not a coincidence. Address this, please.



Please follow the format here:

It seems like you’ve tried to follow it but as one block of text rather than correctly formatting and showing the question you are actually replying to.


For context:

You currently have 3 bans on record. The first two expired but were literally a day apart for self antag + mass RDM as well as RDM as a monkey then leaving when questioned. This ban is now for leaving when questioned for griefing players.

So put it this way, your next appeal better be bloody good. You’ve said in this appeal you think what you’ve done is minor but then said you think it should be a few weeks ban. You’ve also said you don’t bring much to the community which is an understatement considering your ban history.

Not only do you need to convince us to unban you but you also need to convince us that you won’t leave when an admin is talking to you and you understand the rules not to RDM since you clearly haven’t learned from your last bans.

Also FYI, it is now policy that 5 bans is a permaban with no appeal. You’re over half way there…

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From Rejected to Ban Appeals