Ban appeal

SS14 account: vozoid
Character name: Arthur (It was randomly generated but I forgot the surname)
Ban date: April 3, 2022
Story: I was trying to play SS14 with my friends after I got banned for trolling (I told someone to punch me for a valid reason to shoot). I deeply regret this decision for now I cannot play SS14 with my friends until the full release when more servers come.
Why I think I should get unbanned: I will no longer attempt to break game boundaries via trolling and I will play normally instead of choosing to be an unfunny troll and attempting to murder people.

I forgot to include it in the thread but the server I was banned from is Wizards Den Lizard

Appeal accepted_ish_. Your ban has been lowered to one year to give you time to mature a bit, as of now you do not seem like a good fit for the community we’re building.

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