Ban Appeal


Banning Admin User-Unkown

SS14 account: Degan
Character name: Josiah Overstreet
When was the ban: 2022/04/08
Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard
Your side of the story: I killed somebody and therefore an Admin wanted to talk to me. I realized it a bit too late since I was so focused on my gameplay. Therefore I answered a bit too late. The Admin then asked me multiple questions. For example why I killed the person, how old I was etc. I then tried to answer his questions but before I could answer all those questions he told me that he would ban me now for not answering his questions. I didn’t really understand that but he told me that I should come here and write a Ban Appeal. Now I‘m here. The reason why I killed the person was so I could get a this Keycard with which you can open certain Doors. I don’t really know the name of those things at the moment.


Why you think you should be unbanned: 
I’m sorry that I killed that one person and I think that I now know that I shouldn’t have just killed him for that one reason. I now know that that was wrong and I’m sorry. I’m also still pretty new to this game and so this was just my second time playing it and therefore I don’t really understand everything directly. I hope that I didn‘t cause to much trouble. Also this was my first misbehavior and so I think that a permanent ban is a bit too much. I hope that I‘ll be unbanned soon and then can again have fun on your Server! 

Also im very sorry for trying to go around the ban by creating another account. I didn‘t really think that through. After I got banned I immediately just wanted to play again. Also I was a bit angry since I couldn’t understand why  I got a permanent ban, since that was my first misbehavior and just a little offense

Thank you

Firstly, from your account you said you got banned because you didn’t have time to answer the questions. Looking at the chat logs with the admin that banned you, you were obviously trying to skirt around the questions. You were even frozen at one point to give you all the time in the world to respond, and you said nothing of actual value on why you did what you did. Perm bans are default for people who did something wrong and logged off before we can question them, or in your case, completely ignoring the question as a whole. It forces you to explain yourself to play since you obviously couldn’t do it when an admin caught you doing something wrong.

Secondly, you completely failed to mention why you killed the other two people in this appeal. It is in the rules that this game is _not _a deathmatch, yet you killed 2 people after being questioned by an admin on why you killed someone?

Thirdly, the ban message clearly stated to come here to explain yourself to get unbanned. It told you to make an appeal and gave you the link. Yet you took it upon yourself to circumvent the ban and try to play again? Honestly everything that you said just makes it seem like you were sorry that you got caught, not sorry for the action. 

First of all I tried to answer his questions. In the beginning he told me that the reasons as to why he wanted to talk to me was because I killed that one person. I understood that. He then wanted to know why I killed that one person. Before I could answer that he asked me how old I was and I responded that I was 18 years old. Suddenly he wanted to know why I killed those people. Then I was a bit confused because I didn’t understand what he meant by those. If I can remember right I only killed 2 people. Of those 2 I killed one without a reason and the other so I could make an escape. Because he wanted to put me into jail. So I asked him what he meant by those. After that he didn’t respond for a while and his next message was that he would ban me because I wasn’t responding to his questions and that I should write a Ban Appeal here. The second thing is that I created the second account before I even knew how to get here since it is a bit complicated in my eyes. So that was before I asked in the discord on how I can get unbanned or on where I should write my apology/unban request. Also I’m actually pretty sorry as I want to play on this server again since it’s actually pretty fun. I hope that you‘ll respond soon!

There was quite literally a link in that ban message that brings you to this site. 

So you killed someone because you didnt want to be placed in jail, for killing someone? I get this is an LRP server but there are still consequences to your actions that you need to follow through with. You cannot be killing people as a non antag.

I didn’t know how to get to that ban message anymore after leaving the server. And now I understand that I also have to play along when I‘m being put in jail for killing somebody. I’m sorry for causing that trouble!

Accepted, reducing your ban to just 48 hours (from the original ban time). I would recommend rereading the rules when you get back on. Especially rule 4.

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