Ban Appeal

SS14 account: Reginald

Character name: Reginald

Type of Ban: Space Station 14 Ban

Date of Ban and Duration: January 2022

Reason for Ban: Meta communicating

Server you were playing on when banned: Wizard’s Den Lizard [US West]

Your side of the story: I was playing space station 14 and got in trouble for hitting a captain. An admin banned me for a day and I was of course frustrated.
My friend asked why I was banned and I got banned for Meta Communicating. I now understand that you’re not supposed to use discord or other ways of communication while playing this game. 
I was not using it to call out where people were or who was the traitor we were just talking while playing the game with no malicious intent. 

Why you think you should be unbanned: I think I should be unbanned because I’ve learned my lesson and I will not do it again. I think I’ve been banned for an appropriate amount of time 
and would like to be part of this community again. I think my ban made sense but I don’t think it made sense for me to be permabanned for this because I wasn’t using meta coms to gain
an advantage

Anything else we should know: Thank you for reading and considering my case.

Okay you are un-banned. Be good, and keep your communication inside the game while playing.

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