Ban appeal

= For Discord bans =

Discord account: Your Discord username including the # identifier. 1Lo1L#8231
Commonly used names: 1Lo1L#8231
Banning admin: the pink named person
Ban reason: <I asked in general chat if anyone knew which ss14 server was the one that wasn’t being run by Nazi Germany - upon being asked if I happened to be referring to the admins as “Nazi Germany” I told each person who responded that they seemed very intelligent.  Then the server disappeared with no warning, I assume that all the camps were full, and my body has been left in a ditch somewhere.  >
When was the ban: September twenty sixth, 9:00 AM, two weeks after my birthday.
Your side of the story: Admins Powertripping hard lately and I haven’t even been playing.  Honestly check yourselves and retrospect just like the tiniest amounts, please.  I’m not taking this to mirror, I’m not starting a revolution, I don’t care that much.  You are being hardasses when in practicality nothing was done which warranted any administrative action.

Why you think you should be unbanned: Nothing was done which warranted any administrative action.  Imagine I deadass said in a single message, “THE ADMINS ARE SUCH NAZISS!!!”  it would be taken in stride, people would see and understand that I was disgruntled and not have much to comment on it, an admin might ask me what my particular issue was.

But because the way I worded it, the admin decided to banter with me, and then pursue a ban.  So you are having fun banning people…  when what literally was said, if said directly, wouldn’t warrant a ban.

Anything else we should know: Liberate china

P.S.    *Yawn*

Nyanotrasen is the one you wanted.

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