Ban Appeal

SS14 account: MortZmer
Character name: Damien Sanders
Type of Ban: Game ban
Date of Ban and Duration: 03/10/2022, for two days
Reason for Ban: Blocking HoP office
Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard LRP
Your side of the story: So I just saw the video with clown playing with recycler and wanted to do something similair (being a mime), only to find out that recycler doesnt work like that. So i though it would be funny to put it in front of HoPs doors, since you are able to walk through it its just a scary sprite. Was banned shortly afterwards, for blocking hops office, which i think is kinda unfair since i havent really blocked anyone or harmed anyone or crippled station anyhow. I used to wall some areas as a clown, but since i have been bwoinked and learned from my mistakes a little, im trying to minimize being a griefer. I just thought hop looking out of his door and seeing the recycler would be funny. 
Why you think you should be unbanned: I dont think i was blocking anyone, or being harmful to anyones experience, i just thought putting recycler in front of hops door is funny. You can still go through it, i tested it before i did something with it!
Anything else we should know: I have a legit ban on record that i earned (honestly), but i have been an upstanding player since and I believe this ban is not justified. 

As the banning admin, I will not be handling your case. However, I will outline my decision making here.


The Station had little security and only the Captain, HoP and Chief Engineer in roles. I also observed that the Captain and HoP were acting responsibly and trying to resolve that issue promptly.

Then I hear on the radio ‘Mime is sabotaging disposals’ and I go to take a look. I see you dragging a recycler to the HoP’s office, anchoring it there and leaving. I check your notes to see that you have harsh notes on the very topic of ‘blocking areas’.

Now let me be clear . You are correct that it does not block movement, something I had forgotten at the time. However this is not why I treated this as a big deal.

The Roundtype this time was Nuclear Operatives, comprised of players who I recognise as capable in combat and know how to work as a team. An Emaggable Recycler outside the HoP’s office seemed like a huge disruption in favour of the Nuclear Operatives that didn’t have to exist.

For the best chances for the round to go well and for a good fight, Command didn’t need to be hassled by a Mime while trying to do their jobs, the few sec officers that existed didn’t need to waste time tunnel-visioning on someone pick-pocketing shoes from everybody they found and interrupting the filling of departments and accesses.

For the severity of the ban and lack of communication, according to banning policy, you’ve already had a 1 day ban for blocking doors. So now it’s a 2 day ban, though granted I forgot the recycler doesn’t physically block movement. I would ask questions if I was uncertain but it seemed clear to me you just wanted to be a disruption in line with your notes.


TL;DR, the ban was dished out because I felt I had more obligation to the Station Crew that round, rather than a singular player who has already had warnings for very similar things. Arguments over whether it does or does not block appeared, to me, to be rules skirting. 


Perhaps this is a bit wordy, but this is for the transparency of yourself and the other admins who will actually handle the appeal. 

First of all, thanks for your reply. To be fair, I didnt know a recycler can be emagged, that is a fair point. On the other side, your reasoning with nukies is weird, how was i supposed to take that into account? If i knew there were nukies i would rush into battle myself, but thats kinda point of secret, no one is sure what it can bring. That point of view is a little odd i think. Granted, yes I get that its a disruption but not a malevolent or bannable one.

And according to a few people i asked and this github pull, recycler cannot even be emagged or gib?


Sorry for repost, it wont let me edit the first reply.

Hey MortZmer,

All things considered we have decided to  accept  this appeal. We believe this ban was mostly due to the belief that the grinder could be emagged (to clarify, it historically could be in SS13 and for a short time in SS14 it could be, but that is no longer the case). I do still think that there may be more creative pranks you can pull off as a mime that don’t just involve dismantling disposals and bringing the grinder to a head’s office, however.

This ban will be lifted shortly.

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