Ban appeal

SS14 account: pepethefrog
Character name: Marco cavalat or something like that ( I cant see my character obviously)
Type of Ban: Game
Date of Ban and Duration: 26th oct, 1,440 minutes
Reason for Ban: Unsure, the reason thats shows when i join says “get over it”
Server you were playing on when banned: Wizard den lizard
Your side of the story: I had a great round of role playing and having some funny moments, I was in prison when a clown (I think his name was avery) freed me and basically said to follow him from now on, Another clown was present who was hostile/attacking members of the group i was in and we quickly put him down, i didnt do anything to hide his body from cloning or revival plus the round ended a few minutes after, this is when said admin started messaging me saying “why did you attack the clown” I responded with “I was told to by avery and he was hostile towards us” now usually i would expect this to simply be a warning situation but the admin who was dealing with me at the time did everything in his/her power to gaslight me into getting myself in trouble, i explained the situation multiple times then was suddenly banned when i told him this was a ridiculous situation cause the round has essentially ended as the clown was injured and he would of experienced no inconvenience to whatever they were doing.
Why you think you should be unbanned: Cause i have done nothing wrong, I played the entire round doing some funny chaplain antics and stories, i had a cool moment when i was freed by the clown and it got ruined cause i got banned the next round, its a shame, i enjoy playing too but i feel like when i start having fun i get in trouble whether it is intentional or not,where as others can do whatever they want it seems
Anything else we should know:
appeal, include it here. I have read the rules before i get a message saying read the rules.

Here’s the ahelp in reference for this ban:


Inserting yourself into situations because “someone else told you to” isn’t grounds for self-defense, especially from a self-antag perspective. From what I’m gathering, the conflict wouldn’t have happened if you all didn’t instigate it, ergo self defense argument goes out the window.

To that end, you also jump to accusing an admin of “gaslight[ing]” you into saying something you didn’t do, when all he’s trying to do is figure out what the hell happened. All things considered, you probably would’ve gotten off with a slap on the wrist and a “don’t do this again in the future” if you kept your statement factual instead of getting overly defensive like you did at this point. All the admin was doing was getting information because there were multiple parties involved, and it was towards the end of a round when things usually get hectic to begin with.

Lastly, telling an admin to “get over it” because the person on the receiving end was barely inconvenienced? Yeah, the benefit of the doubt goes out the case for you here and this just showcases you have no regard for playing in a game with other players. So you’re probably one of the first people who have appealed a ban only to have it extended - your new ban duration is now set to a week.

Next time, don’t be a dick in ahelps.

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