Ban appeal

my username : NexusLeader
ban: awful cap gameplay pretty much and self antag
Date of ban: Yesterday, 4/27/23
Length of ban: does not say
Events leading to the ban: twas trying to prevent nukies and tryin to get money but the way i did it was unacceptable i suppose.
Reason the ban should be removed: this is why the ban should be removed : 

sorry for sending a whole video but this person didn’t get banned, all i was doing was trying to escape via a cargo shuttle like him. which means that i wasn’t really self antagging soo yeah.

We are not taking a seven minute video as a reason as to why you’re being unbanned and the actions of another player on a server that probably isn’t even Wizards Den does not justify your actions.

Reappeal in two days (April 30, 2023), preferably with a more well-thought-out appeal as to why you won’t continue to be a massive disruption to the game.

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