Ban appeal

S14 account username: Neo_Chad
Ban reason: Excesive force, vulgar language. lied in ahelp
Date of ban: 2.20.2023
Length of ban:Permanent 
Events leading to the ban:Frustration and poor judgement
Reason the ban should be removed: I think ive had enough time to consider what i’ve done, i will  be on my best behavoir if i were given a second chance, since i was banned for a long time, and i think i’ve served the time away from SS14. I will come back as a exmeplary player.
I copied the past appeal. and pasted it, i couldn’t respond because i was on a roadtrip and had no access to internet.
Here is the answer to the question i was asked in the last appeal: Honestly it was a while ago and i hardly remember all the details. I know i was in the wrong for escalating the situation, outside of neccessary bounds and for arguing with mods without much reason, and without a proper motive, in hindsight i should have kept a cool head even if i was a bit exhausted. 

Screenshot 2023-06-27 014419.png

Admin consensus is to accept this appeal. The ban has been lifted.

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