Ban Appeal

Account name: Gaymer666666
Ban Reason: “Self antagging as det during nukies”.
Date of Ban: Don’t quit Remember probably a couple of weeks ago.
Length of Ban: Appeal only
Events leading to ban: I got bored and spaced myself while firing my gun.
Reason the ban should be removed: It’s been a while now since it happened and it said, “Explain to appeal”.
Notes: I won’t be online this week.

As terrible as this reasoning is and as low-effort as your appeal is I suppose it is an explanation as any.

We’ll accept this appeal but replace it with an appeal-only Security/Command roleban due to this issue and prior issues with you attacking other players with no provocation or warning. After a few weeks of being issue-free you may appeal the new rolebans if you still wish to play as those roles.

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