Ban for eating brains and Cyrillic

Ban reason: Banned for round removing multiple people in the previous round and using cyrillic in this round 

Length of ban: permaban 

Events leading to the ban: I was an agent of the syndicate, one of the goals was to help a colleague, he blew up honey with a minibomb, because of which 3 (I don’t know exactly how many) fell into pieces. Obviously, that was his goal. The brains of the victims were sent to the scientific department, where debts were made, if they had time to put them in the human interface mashine, they would have told who blew them up. I didn’t want my colleague to be killed, because then he hadn’t completed all the objectives, so I went to the robotics hangar and ate the brains. I didn’t know who exactly the brains belonged to, so I had to eat them all. The next problem is in Cyrillic. I have already received a ban, and I explained that I copied the wrong text in the translator, because I do not know English well, although I apologized a lot and explained why. In this round, I don’t remember when exactly I wrote in Cyrillic. But even if so, I could just mix up the layouts, and write, for example, not Hey, but Рун.

Reason the ban should be removed:I’m sorry that I ruined the game for several players, I didn’t fully know all the rules and their intricacies, I didn’t do it consciously, but just to help a colleague, if possible, please apologize to the victims. Regarding the Cyrillic alphabet, I want to apologize for my carelessness. I hope you will find time to consider my appeal, so thank you in advance for your time

Considering this ban is not within guidelines, I have decided to accept this appeal. Please keep in mind that while mistakes happen, we still do not allow the use of other languages on our servers. This applies to both IC chat and OOC.

As for round removing your targets or your colleague’s targets as an antag, I see no issue in doing so within reason.

I don’t know if your last ban was while you were offline, so just to make sure you didn’t miss it, please make sure you’re not doing things like antag rolling, suiciding roundstart, or using info from death.

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