Ban given with zero warning or reprimand

unproffessionalclown on Discord and in-game - said “SHOW ME UR BUTTHOLE” on command comms as a nuclear operative.

SS14 account username: unproffessionalclown
Ban reason: said “SHOW ME UR BUTTHOLE” on command comms as nukeop.
Date of ban: July third.
Length of ban: Until Jully sixth.
Events leading to the ban: I was banned post-shift over saying “SHOW ME UR BUTTHOLE” over command comms as a joke to be funny as a role that is usually just shooting shit.
Reason the ban should be removed: Because all you had to do was tell me not to do that and it would have been over with, right then and there, because I am not a troll. ‘lonesoldier’ says I “knew better”, implying I deliberately did this knowing I’d be banned. That makes no sense, and crude jokes in wizden is nothing new. This is LRP and I was in a role intended to kill everybody, anyway. I sincerely do not understand why this merited a ban. It’s not like I spammed command comms, either. It was only one message. No warning, no reprimand, three day ban over a single joke. I have never seen this speedy of a ban for people who have actively sabotaged the station with negligence and toxicity in their roles, so what the fuck is so special about me?

The admin team has decided to maintain the ban for its remaining duration. All players are forced to read the server rules before joining for the first time, this arguably serves as a first warning for each rule. The fact that you were an antagonist has no apparent relation to the rule you violated. Station sabotage is not one of our zero tolerance rules, but people certainly are quickly banned in some of those cases. A 3 day ban for breaking a zero tolerance rule that resulted in multiple ahelp reports is extremely lenient in comparison to other cases. People are regularly appeal banned for violating the rule prohibiting ERP and sexual content, even if it’s part of a joke.

Unrelated to the reason for your ban, please don’t use text speak in IC chat channels.

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