Ban re-appeal

SS14 account username: Dmlong80
Ban reason: Metagame + Metagrudge
Date of ban: Around late December but i made the ban appeal Jan 5th or so.
Length of ban: Appeal only.
Events leading to the ban: I was a mouse and me and captain were in bridge together i went into his room to see that a syndicate was stealing his stuff. I made the mistake to spam point the door and lead captain to him. After the captain killed him i died and went into dead chat and called him the name “Major idiot” (his charecter name was named Major Ray)
Reason the ban should be removed: I think this ban should be removed because I re-read the rules carefully and Metagaming or Metagrudging isn’t a permable  offensive and that’s what i did. I admit that i should of not acted the way i did and i’m am very sorry for it. I’ve been thinking about my decisions and I’ve to a fair conclusion. You could makke my ban shorter to like a few weeks, The reason why i think it should be shortend is because I called a name (Major Idiot) and that probably made him feel uncomftorble. I’m sorry for my actions and next time i won’t be so mean and i will follow the rules a lot more carefully. Thank you.

Let me just be clear; punishments enforced by banning policy are guidelines. Nowhere does our rules page say you cannot be appeal-banned for metagaming or that you need x number of offenses before an appeal ban is considered. You blatantly went out of your way to try and sabotage someone else’s round because you had a metagrudge against them.

well i went to the ss14 wiki on rules and metagaming or metagrudging doesn’t fall under the Zero tolorence rules i dont remember if Wizards den had different rules but that’s what i read. Also i never had a grudge against them i don’t ever remember meting them all i did was lead cap to him =when he was stealing his stuff if i did talk to them in a previous round then i didn’t remember.

Admin consensus is extremely divided on this appeal, however the majority is to  accept  this appeal. Let me make this clear to you:

You have over ten notes on your account, majority for self-antagonism or other rule infractions that you have been repeatedly warned for. The acceptance of this appeal is your last chance to shape up if you want to continue playing on Wizard’s Den servers. Repeated infractions are grounds for appeal bans which is exactly what happened in this situation.

Your next ban will be unappealable for six months and will need a voucher of good behavior from another SS13/SS14 server. Do not let this or any other infractions happen again.

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