Ban Removal Request

SS14 account: SKYMOON
Character name: My character name is not found now and I don’t remember(?)
When was the ban: 30.03.2022
Server you were playing on when banned: Wizard’s Den Lizard [Us West]
Your side of the story: 
My complaint is my ban.
I love playing Space Station 14 but, I’m banned Shortly before.
One of the reason I banned is discord talking with my friend.I didnt read the rules and
I know I regret this so much because I like playing that game.
So, Please my ban remove:) 
Also, This game amazing. I didnt see such. I following every time and 
I support. I’ll look forward my ban remove.

Thank you.

Appeal accepted, just do not attempt to meta-comm with Nafickr again. We dont mind if you play together, but using chats outside of the game to gain an advantage in game is not okay.

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