Baned for walking around clothless

SS14 account username: [Dowafear]
Ban reason: [i thoght she liked it (i will consider this ERP]
Date of ban: [21.3]
Length of ban: [Perma! (for some reason)]
Events leading to the ban: [I just walked like 20 mins naked jokingly unequiped   my dress infront of cap , Cap reported me  for Erp ,admin men talks to me , I made a joke abot Erp and the Captain , my words has been cut mid converstion , I was just permabaned for walking without clotes and making wrong joke at the wrong time!   Reason the ban should be removed: [I am been band like 5 days from now on , I think my innoccent jokes baned for enogh ???(let me play pls =( ]



A few days ago you were told that you could appeal again in a week. It has not been a week, it has been a few days. You can now appeal again no sooner than a week from today.

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