Banned 1 month ago

Ban reason: Being Toxic? (idk how should i put this) 
Length of ban:  unknown
Events leading to the ban: Rude with moderation
Reason the ban should be removed: i like to play space station, and i really wanted to play it again, sadly i was banned because i was really rude with one moderator, to make it clear, i regretted for my actions a few weeks ago (i think a month ago), but they told me come in november to make the appeal, well im here, and im sorry for all the trouble i did, just really wanted to play on the server again, and i really want to improve my behavior to not be rude again.

All the people that work on this project are volunteers and coming on to the aHelp demanding a bug be fixed and calling us lazy motherfuckers isn’t really going to go down well with anyone. You can report bugs on the github or in the discord on the bugs-feedback channel.

I do hope you have actually reflected on this situation and your attitude. I will remove the ban with this warning. If you are abusive to any staff in future interactions you will just be voucher banned next and wont be coming back. No other warnings for this will be given.
And a reminder its just a game, having a positive attitude and taking a breath every now an then will go a long way rather than being abusive to everyone.
Ban accepted - Ban removed.

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