Banned appeal

In character I say " I’m not really a doctor i just got chosen randomly " and some janny took it as an OOC comment and then BWIONKED me very loudly triggering my PTSD and screamed at me in admin pm that i’m getting banned. 



I was role playing you absolute buffoon. bwionking players is NOT an innocent harmless action. I know how to play as a FUCKING medic i’ve been playing space station 13 for many years. HONESTLY dude you permanently banned me because i don’t want to stick around and entertain your psychological abuse over your interpretation of a role play scenario? your response is to break the gameplay and pause for EVERYONE during a XENO OUTBREAK EPISODE saying im fucking PERMA BANNED because playing a role play character speaking in character that you took as fucking out of character incompetence man fuck you you dumb dip shit. EVERY FUCKING SPACE STATION SERVER IS LIKE THIS POLLUTE BY ABSOLUTE MORONS LIKE YOU WHO BAN OVER THE SUPIEST FUCKING REASONS AND EXPECT EVERYONE TO KISS YOUR STUPID MONKEY ASS LIKE WE’RE THE PROBLEM FUCK YOU 


Yeah I think you can stay banned for a while.

Make another appeal in a month.

Ban elevated to no-appeal

From Rejected to Ban Appeals