Banned by two: ban appeal for Stevononono

SS14 account:Stevononono
Character name: Nomzalo "noms-the-wires’ Zakhele
Type of Ban: game ban
Date of Ban and Duration: in local time, roughly midnight on 23/8/2022
Reason for Ban: linked in the picture below because the full reason won’t show up fully and i can’t fully read the edges of the screen.
Server you were playing on when banned:  Lizard 
Your side of the story: at the time of the ban, i was in a maintennance tunnel, running about aimlessly, and then i lit a welder and threw it at the nearest fuel tank just to see what would happen, and it may be a bug, but it exploded. welderbombing i can understand a ban for. according to the admins i was originally cutting wires, but the thing is that i wasn’t cutting wires. i had cut an lv and hv earlier to show someone a magic trick called “giving the Chief Engineer hypertension” but that was more than 5 minutes before the incident and i fully repaired them immediately after. now i don’t have access to logs, so i can’t see what the game engine thinks i did for the original reason, but i am being completely honest when i say that at that time, i was dicking around with a welder. now, i’m no geoguessr wiz, so it did come as a shock when as a ghost, i moved 9 tiles left and saw the dimly lit medbay lobby and realised i had fucked up big time, not out of fear, but shame, at the literal warcrime i had commited by accident. then the adminhelp.mp3 played. i told the two admins what happened, and they called me a liar.  


Why you think you should be unbanned:

 I will be honest, i made a mistake. we all do. i just happen to be extremely stupid, and being honest, i contribute more as a real person than i do ingame. they did say curiosity killed the cat. the welder thing happened only one other time, and i thought it was a one-time bug, so i tested to see if it was working as intended. apparently, it is.

i’m not worthy, truthfully, and i think this stemms from a mild addiction i have to this game, and a need for action and excitement in my life that being a 15yr old Maltese student is. our most exciting events are politicians dying and a journalist who was a mother of 3 getting a bomb planted in their car. my only other source of enjoyment is stealing copper wire from and sometimes for the physics lab to make and prototype railguns from scrap. that and playing CoD with my younger brother on a sunday night, but that’s been several months ago, after mom took away our joint-owned PS4 because he insulted her in latin. video games only make me feel empty, i’ve read all the books in multiple libraries across the country, and i’ve explored every rock on this ocean-bound rock. i’m not ready to become a complete degenerate yet, and this game helps me greatly with that because the one time i used VRchat i went into a corner to cry because i saw something that would make God weep not in anger, but in pain. searing emotional pain.
Anything else we should know:

 i’m sorry. i have no clue why, but this franchise is the only time i’ve ever been banned so repeatedly. it doesn’t help that getting banned feels like a badge of honour but it’s balanced by the near addiction you feel that breaks how you play for about a day straight, then on and off for a week before it fizzes back into a month of forgetting it even exists, seeing a youtuber cover it, then jump back in headlong and heavily caffeinated.

it’s like having a family that lives a few countries away; you know it’s there, you love em, but sometimes you almost forget they exist, then you come over or they come to you and it’s like finding a part of yourself outside your body. sometimes it’s teaching your younger cousins to build fireworks out of kitchen materials, to the rage of their parents, or teaching them how to prank their parents. other times it’s having fun with the adults, accidentally bringing up politics, then excusing yourself to go to the bathroom and coming back to a blazing row on whether the prime minister was justified in buying a gold-plated toilet. then they go their separate ways, and occasionally, one get-together you and your cousins pull a prank that ends up putting a hole in the solid concrete wall, or breaking a window, so they keep you away from eachother saying you’re “a bad influence” and “a menace to society” when mere moments before they were saying you were the brightest of the bunch and far wiser than their years at only 15 and eventually they forgive you. what i’m trying to say, is that this game heavily reminds me of my own life, but if it were a game of 5D chess, in a factory warehouse, and in space. it’s always been a fun game and i wanna say, sometimes shit happens…

was i justified in blowing a hole into my neighbor’s house? or melting down the microwave by operating it correctly? likewise, was i justified in slipping with a welder and blowing up the maints for medbay? or gibbing a clown on good ol’ ss13 by tricking him to fart on a bible before going to get a scan at the cloner, for good luck? not at all. I am many things. stupid? absolutely. likely to be an occupational hazard? definitely. possibly insane and/or mentally deficient? you bet. but i, like everyone else here, have and always will be a spessman. and it will always be a spastic badge of honor to be banned, but i do not wish to cause you any pain, grief, or even malding, just wanted to have fun and took it a light year too far. it is important to note that my mouse is kinda old. even as i’m writing this it double clicked and almost sent this entire ban appeal to the aether, and here in Malta, everything is expensive not by inflation, because we use €, but rather due to greed.

you must understand that i am kind of a dingus who may or may not actually enjoy the consumption of entire yuuhuu brand gluesticks, with an oversharing problem.


4 hours ago, Stevononono said:

15yr old Maltese student

minimum age to play on wizard den servers is 16

you may appeal in one year

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