Banned for cargoia, notes, trying to start war with engin and being a dick

SS14 account username: [honkingoose (diamond fea)]
Ban reason: [notes, trying to start a war with engin and being a dick]
Date of ban: [Date of ban]
Length of ban: [appeal only]
Events leading to the ban: [am going to summarise it: started as qm and did nomal cargo stuff and one of the savl came to me and said ce was being an ass so a give him a stamp to get the stuff he needed and he comes back saying ce throw the paper away and told him to piss off and i go with him and aother cargo tech to get stuff and to shout at ce we get there and i shound for ce and power gos off so i say fuck it go in and try to get the stuff and we get locked in and told by ce that the savl was being an ass and to piss off i shout at him for a bit and sec get here and ce tells them to cuff us we shout for a bit and go and i say to order guns and we are going to war with engin and and ce says he going to cut power i get back cool down and not order guns thing ok and i get ahelped and i ask can i stat cargoia like 3 times and i get feazed and banned]
Reason the ban should be removed: [its been 3 weeks and i have change and played on Nyanotrasen servers and been ok (banned for one round for killing clown).]

Admin consensus is to decline this appeal. You can appeal again after at least 1 month.

You are not required to present one, however if you’re able to provide a voucher of at least 1 month of good behavior from another SS13 or SS14 server, it would significantly improve your chances of a successful appeal.

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