Banned for metacomms

SS14 account name: Alarmed
Ban reason: meta-comms
Date of ban: 12/18/22
Length of ban:Permanent
Events leading to the ban: [This was awhile ago but I’ll remember to the best of my ability. I was a mime running around, I noticed hops office was open and saw RD jump in and give himself aa. The Rd was my friend and I sent him a message saying I was gonna blackmail him, mostly as a joke. But he went with it and gave me aa. Of course as a mime I’m gonna cause mischief. RD had an extra comma console in his room and I went to go mess with it. I starting announcing things. Then the shuttle was called, I noticed a lot of people on radio saying to recall and even some command. So I had a recall battle with the unjust shuttle caller. Eventually an admin Messaged me and asked why he gave me aa and a bunch of other stuff. I said I blackmailed him and such, couple minutes later, I was perm banned for metacomms
Reason the ban should be removed: [Personally I don’t think this one incident of my before clean record should call for perm ban. Secondly, I’ve been playing on nyanotrasen since my van here. I’ve definitely improved in my role play. And metacomms won’t be an issue for me anymore. I’ve learned from my past mistakes and hope I could play on this server again.

Administrator consensus is to deny this appeal. Metacommunications is one of the most-difficult rules for us to police. It took several tries for us to get the fact that you were communicating with the other party outside of the game until an administrator caught you in your own slip-up indicating the other party shouldn’t be punished when you had no way of knowing that he had been.

We cannot trust that you wouldn’t communicate again and try to hide it better, given the opportunity. Appeal again in a month (May 03, 2023).

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