Banned for participating in cult

SS14 account username:  Bush_Wookie

Role(s): NA/all

Date of ban: 25/05/2023

Length of ban: 3 days

Events leading to the ban: So it started when I tried to make a drug lab with a fellow chemist, we got caught and were demoted. ended up at the chapel along with about 10 other people. they weren’t happy with sec so decided to revolt. the chaplain told us to kill a sec that came in and it all escalated from there. 

Reason the ban should be removed: I feel this is an unfair ban, This was all played out through RP, I did not kill anyone without reason or from when the chaplain told us to. I’ve got just over 90 hours on the server and this is a first ban, also it was without warning, it just happened out of no where. I also doubt every participant in this had been banned so only taking a handful is highly unfair. 


I just want to add, a admin did message me to ask what happened, I explained to them my side of it and they did not message me back. 30 minutes later I was banned without a reply back from them 

30 minutes ago, Bush_Wookie said:

they weren’t happy with sec so decided to revolt

Unfortunately, revolts and cults like this are extremely against the rules.



31 minutes ago, Bush_Wookie said:

I also doubt every participant in this had been banned so only taking a handful is highly unfair. 

Did we get everyone participating in this? Probably not, unfortunately. However, we did ban 5 other people involved in this, too. You were not singled out, your ban timer is not longer or shorter than the rest of the people who were banned during this either. 

Okay thanks for the reply, that’s fair I guess. ill take the ban and just make sure to be more careful next time. Just a question for cult like rp with chaplains. How would you go about Rp’ing a good cult/religion?

Do you mind asking that question in rule clarification? That way we can format a better respond to this and more people will see it as well. 

Though I will say, generally speaking, any murmur of a cult in game will cause some negative connotation IC. Especially with sec. With this being said I will close and lock this appeal. Link below if you still want to ask the question.

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