Banned for poorly-thought-out attempt at a joke

Ban reason: “Said ‘liggers, more like ligma balls’ in lobby OOC. Zero tolerance rule on ERP or sexual content.”
Length of ban: Until appealed
Events leading to the ban: At some point between rounds, someone in lobby OOC used the term “liggers”. I do not know what this means, nor do I know why I thought it would be a good idea to try and work that term into a bad joke - either way, shortly afterwards I recieved an Ahelp message asking why I said this. I replied that I thought it would be funny and had since realized that it wasn’t, and was informed to take some time off and reflect on how things like this can hurt other people. I did so immediately, and have had just over an hour to reflect on my words.
Reason the ban should be removed: I have taken time to reflect as per the instructions of the admin who confronted me regarding the poorly-thought-out attempt at a joke I made. I should not have said either of the two objectionable terms (“liggers” and “ligma”) that I said, and I believe the lesson I should take away from this is to keep the rules and the sensitivity of others in mind when choosing whether to make a joke or stay silent.

Ban appeal accepted, your ban will be reduced.


It will expire on 20/2/2024 01:40 UTC

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