Banned For RP and Using Bad Word?

Banning Admin Username - Unknown 

SS14 account: LordRadin

Banned From wizards Den Lizard Server: 13/04/2022

Your side of the story:  Just RP’ing an angry syndi’ witch I rarely play, at the time and and called the interrogator a “faggot” Slang for (A Stiff -COP-, A Bundle of Stick’s, musical instrument or a homosexual) and more other colourful names for SEC as part of RP while being interrogated.  If your offended by that I’ve seen much worse said in global chat… There was no real hateful or malicious meaning behind any of my RP’ing.  

Why Be unbanned: Well totally up to admin/s… Loved SP13 in my younger days, saw SP14 and loved the community back then and though I’d give SP14 a go. It’s a fun different game and getting there to the glory of SP13 days.

What ever decision is made is made.

Best Regards…



Well unfortunately that’s also a homophobic slur which is strictly prohibited. Please see rule 7.

To be clear, saying it’s for “RP” is no excuse. Slang or not we have a zero tolerance policy to slurs and bigotry, whether intended or not.

In future you will have to get your in character frustrations out another way. Clear?

Dishonest appeal, especially after considering your commentary elsewhere. You clearly are not interested in rejoining the game. Denied.

From Rejected to Ban Appeals

From Rejected to Ban Appeals