Banned for sayin stuff as PAI and remembering previous ghost role

Testicular Man - Inappropriate speech

Ban reason: "Inappropriate chat. Appeal at
Length of ban: Appeal Only
Events leading to the ban: I was playing at about 4 AM as a P.A.I. when i started saying something along the lines of “If you fuck a duck in the much you will get a S.T.I.” over and over again. after the owner removed from the P.A.I. i took another P.A.I. ghost role (he/she/them had a about 8 P.A.I.s) and said “you cant erase me” then kept repeating the duck in a muck thing until i was banned without admin talking to me as an appeal only.
Reason the ban should be removed: It has been active for about 2 years now without any attempts to circumvent the ban, no previous complaints, I was sleep deprived and wasn’t thinking well,  and was not given any chance to explain myself or warnings to stop. I got up to other shenanigans that round but didn’t break any other rules before i took the P.A.I. role.

Note about the shenanigans before PAI role, i was a hamlet who broke lights, and an RD who was suspicious of anything that made a sound he didn’t recognize.

Denied principally for having an anatomic picture of testicals for your profile picture. You do not paint a good case for yourself when you get banned for saying inappropriate things and the try to appeal with an inappropriate profile picture which is to say nothing of your barely tolerable username choice.

Appeal again in a week.

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