Banned for Specism? Why?

SS14 account: spacestationfan69
Character name: Willie Parker
Type of Ban: Game ban
Date of Ban and Duration: 12/6/2022 perma? idk
Reason for Ban: Specism
Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard
Your side of the story: I was being a dick to a SINGLE lizard person because he was being annoying and he said it was specist even though I never even said anything about him being a lizard… I am honestly very confused as to why I was even banned, I never even implied specism? I never said anything about him being a lizard. He came into bar joking about how he was a nukie and so I refused him service at the bar and I def took the joke too far but not to the point it was specism… I was just being rude to him. Not his race, not how he looked, or anything like that. 
Why you think you should be unbanned: I feel I was banned unfairly, I was being an asshole, sure, to an individual. Not demeaning the character’s race.  I just wanted him to leave the bar.  I seriously don’t understand what I did wrong. Nobody asked me anything, I didnt even talk to an admin. I suddenly had a big kill sign with an arrow on top of me and everyone started beating me up so I shot back? I don’t know what that was about but I felt like someone should’ve said something to me rather than just slap an arrow on my head and then  permaban me…
Anything else we should know:   I’m not even a racist or hateful person… I seriously don’t understand. I’ve been having a lot of fun playing this game and this is really disappointing

Ahhhh shit im sorry about the title format - i didnt read that part of the forum post!!!

Hi spacestationfan69,

I am the admin that had applied this ban to you, and the reason being that you were not confronted regarding this is because at the time I was overseeing the bar in the round and observing your actions long before the encounters between you and the individual began to stand out, I was dealing with another situation within the same area, and you were violating a zero tolerance rule.

When an individual pointed it out, I had by then already witnessed most of what was already happening. While it was understandable to be frustrated at the player for being a nuisance within the round- **you are not in any terms allowed in any manner to violate any of the zero tolerance rules.**

Above, in the server rules portion for all of our community servers, it’s stated as the following:

“Absolutely no hate speech, slurs, bigotry, IC specism (demeaning other characters in-game due to their in-game race), or anything remotely even similar. [YOU WILL GET PERMABANNED]”

This is a zero tolerance rule. You were throwing glasses at the player, and although it is understandable to get a nuisance out of the bar and such, the base of the problem comes as is: violation of said rule. After you had started the glass throwing, I had given you the kill smite due to your actions and what had already been set in stone at the time: an appeal ban.

The zero tolerance rule regarding situations like this has no leeway for any type of “too far,” as situations with specism are happening more often and it is not fun for the individuals experiencing it, nor being surrounded by it- thus the no confrontation.

But i dont understand how my actions are considered specist??? Because i was throwing glasses at one player??? I literally dont understand. Please explain to me how i was being specist. Give me a chat log where i directly was being a bigot. It’s seriously feels like you are looking for a problem that isn’t there and it’s kind of fucking ridiculous

Hi spacestationfan69,

Your behavior towards the player and singling out said individual and harassing them in the bar was inappropriate, although you directly did not mention the situation in a bigot manner and obliviously, there were other players uncomfortable regarding your behavior with the individual.

Don’t behave like that and make other players feel uncomfortable and be unable to enjoy the round. Behaving in that same way will get you grouped in with other players that try to do specism because “haha funny,” or the likes.

It’s a consistent and common problem for it to happen, thus the seriousness of the zero tolerance rule of which this ban was placed under. There were other actions aside from the glass throwing that factored in, such as threatening to kill the player.

The following below is your most notable interactions via log with the player, while I had also watched the scenario in the bar dealing with another issue and it had caught my attention.


“I ripped that out of your nukie friends.”
“Get outta here.”
“Piss off.”
“You smell like shit.”
“Go take a shower.”
“Go eat some chocolate bars.”
“Because im gonna shoot you if you dont get outta here bucko.”
“Lets kick his ass.”
“What? ii’m not racist.”
“I just hate him.”
“He’s a bastard.”
“There you go buddy.”
“Monkey shotgun.”
“Get him.”
“This went good in trials.”

Other players felt very uncomfortable and pointed it out, and it seemed very malicious from an outsider perspective at first had I not done any additional log investigation regardless. It wasn’t a single player either, several other players had been made uncomfortable as well. 

The ban isn’t permanent, however you should still try not to behave like the posted logs show. 

Ok, I understand now. I will behave better, I didnt realize I was making others uncomfortable, if I had some kind of warning I definitely would have chilled out on it. And I definitely did not mean to come off as specist/racist, that’s mainly what I was upset about. I’m fine with taking the harrassment ban, understandable. But being grouped/on par with racist scum made me very upset so I’m also sorry to you for coming into the forums swinging and crying like a baby boy.

I am also unaware of the big deal about the glass throwing, does that do damage? I wasn’t aware if it did. Or is it just more of a disrespect thing?

Also how long am I banned for? I wasn’t able to see.

Hi spacestationfan6,

This is an appeal ban, not necessarily a permanent ban. It was applied because we don’t tolerate specism in the slightest and take it very seriously, as it damages the round’s experience.

Following this, as you seem to understand with the players feeling uncomfortable- people do this in subtle manner and think they can get away with it and make other players feel bad. It harms the community when small occurrences of this type of situation happen, thus it was strict and no confrontation at first. 

You have been unbanned from the community servers, and no additional marks have been applied or changed. 

From Accepted to Ban Appeals