Banned for threatening to metagrudge

SS14 account username: Mori
Ban reason: Threatening to engage in metagrudging/vigilante justice in an admin’s DMs. Appeal this ban and explain why we should be OK with you threatening to break the rules.
Date of ban: A year ago (not sure exactly?)
Length of ban: Permanent
Events leading to the ban: I know there was a guy who kept killing me with tools when i went clown. At the time there weren’t many people playing ss14 back then, so we kind of just had to put up with the same people every round killing the same people usually. I think I made a report in the discord or something, then it went into DMs and I believe I asked if i had to deal with them myself or something along those lines.
Reason the ban should be removed: I just feel like playing the game again. I haven’t appealed up until this point since i didn’t know how to appeal a game ban like this, but if it was a temporary i’d probably have already come back. I don’t think it’s okay that threatened that or how i acted, so I won’t do it again.

Looks like you tried to evade this ban a few times a bit after it was applied. I think this somewhat discredits your assurance that you’ll follow the rules.

I have a VPN on at all times but i wasn’t trying to evade or anything. I just switch vpn servers constantly whenever i boot up my PC, I tried connecting a few times mostly to see if i was still banned. I know how to evade if I actually wanted to evade, but I don’t really see much reason to since I don’t want to use a virtual machine to play this game.

Oh yeah I forgot my account password and which email once so i did make another acc once so u might be seeing that, but i still use the same acc consistently.

edit: yes i know how this seems, i haven’t played in a VERY long time on this server though so I hope you’ll believe me. check right after my ban if I switched accounts and tried going on another on another IP or something cuz I’m pretty sure I didn’t. There have always been troubles connecting to the main server on a vpn anyway so I had to turn mine off when I actually played, so I knew vpn wouldn’t fix anything in the first place and was just gone so long I forgot I was banned or something.

Admin opinion is divided on this appeal, but majority opinion is to accept. Please be aware you will be on extremely thin ice for a while. This ban will be lifted.

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