Banned for trying to quit sec through HoP

Dex_Morgan - as quiiting sec disobeyed orders etc

= For game bans =

SS14 account username: Dex_Morgan
Ban reason: As a quitting sec, disobeyed orders from det to return sec items to sec, used unauthorized security items to stun and cuff a sec off and using illegally obtained shogun to attempt to kill officer
Date of ban: May 15
Length of ban: 10080 minutes
Events leading to the ban: I wanted to quit sec after watching the det abused his power and insulting everyone. The alert level was red so the Warden handed out shotguns, I did not obtain the weapon illegally. Got pretty disgusted with the Det and his conduct. Told HoS who insulted me for not being ok with abusive Det so I told him I was quitting. Went to hop where I started to hand in all my gear. The det started harassing me and I told him to fuck off as I continued to turn in my gear. He then attacked me with harm baton so I cuffed him. I didn’t trust him to not try and perma me after embarrassing him in the HoP line so I wanted Cap to change my job. He then attacked me in the hall with harm baton AGAIN so I shot him to get him to stop as I had turned in ALL my other equipment and would have turned in the shotgun to HoP if he didn’t stop me from doing so. He then Killed me with his gun.
Reason the ban should be removed: Not really sure how you want me to handle this situation. I called an admin to help but didn’t seem to matter. The det was clearly abusive, should I just let him be abusive and perma me? Any guidance would be great. Regardless I’m not playing on lizard ever again cause its always that way. Just let me play on Miros where people actually want to roleplay and not power game or live out their power fantasies.

I was the HoS of this shift. While I cannot recall the admin I spoke to during this time I can fill in what little info I have.

During the shift multiple traitors were located, detained and handled by both the detective and you, seperately.
iirc you found the first with an esword and an unlocked uplink with 12tc. Asked to purchase nonslips (I declined and removed both the pda and esword, placing them in armory). You complained and called me no fun, however I was simply following protocol for not allowing the use of syndicate items.

The detective had done some good work and had consistently been a solid team member. Upon him finding someone with chameleon gear I granted him use to the chameleon backpack (as none other than sec or the person holding it can really know and it has no real gameplay change other than drip).

After a short time you arrived in sec and began to complain about a story I did not have full details of and upon you complaining I gave you the information, granted in a snide way, that “the detective has caught two syndies you only cought one, he is twice the sec you are”. You instantly got upset and said “I quit” ran out of security still wearing sec gear and upon being called back made no attempt to do so. I gave the detective the order to bring you in so this gear could be returned and allow you to leave of your own accord after demoting you myself.

Instead you ran off, screamed on both sec and common radio that you had been assaulted by the detective and seemingly ran off hiding in maint as noone could find you. Upon this point I considered you a threat not only to my staff but staff at large and ordered your arrest, and granted lethal weapons be used against you as I fully expected you would not go down without a fight.

This entire situation could have been handled better on both sides. Both you explaining to me how the detective had actually caused an issue and with you not running off from security after stating you quit. This caused more disruption to the security than pretty much all of the antagonists combined.


I was trying to turn in my equipment when the det harm batoned me my man. Also I tried to tell you the det was being abusive and you just insulted me for it hence my decision to quit since it was clear you didn’t believe me . Also snide? you said I was half the sec that the det was. After being attacked in the HoP line I tried to explain but all that happened was the Det insulting me and saying he was gonna perma/kill me. I then radioed that I just wanted a job change either by you or cap. I came to HoP where he harm batoned me AGAIN. How am I supposed to take that. And yeah fair I could have handled it better but I really didn’t want to be at the mercy of the det who I had seen repeatedly abuse people. Ie hitting them with harm batons and insulting people at random. 

I personally don’t understand why you didn’t hand your gear over to the HoS (your boss) and instead went to the HoP to hand it over (a person completely unrelated to the security department who would have to hand it over to the HoS anyways). I also think that you seemed to blow a minor issue with the Detective’s behavior out of proportion and despite not wanting to cause problems you continually escalated after disobeying commands from the HoS all the while retaining a grip on a lethal weapon which still belonged to Security which you no longer wanted to be a part of. 

I think the escalation by the other parties in relation to your actions was valid.

I guess that fair, but I was trying to turn in my gear when the det attacked me. It no one asked me to turn in my gear to HoS and I guess I should have thought of that. I was throwing everything onto the counter of the HoP when he attacked with very little conversation other than give me your gear which in my mind I was actively doing. HoS never asked me to turn in my gear despite the fact I was on the radio. How exactly do you want me to deal with this in future, I did no escalation other than not wanting the Det who I still think was being very abusive to kill/perma me.

To be clear at no point did I disobey any order. I was actively doing as I was told until I got hit by the det who I already didn’t think was playing fairly. At that point it all got out of hand and I ahelped it to try and deescalate it. 

We have decided to accept your appeal instead of waiting out the full week. I will say just be careful next time, HoS even stated the actions of you two caused more issues to sec than the antags. Not a very good look when you cause your own department more issues than the people who are meant to cause issues.

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