Banned for welding bombing on miros with low players

“Welderbombing random shit during miros on lowpop after you didn’t get antag and prior notes for welderbombing”


Banned until Appeal

I had just started the shift and I was bored because I didn’t get syndie or nuke ops and I then decided to make a vape/ Welder bomb and I poured welder fuel into the Vape then brought a fuel tank to the bar, I took a hit of the vape sending a small explosion which triggered  domino effect and exploded the welder then I went back to sci then came back to check the damage on the bar and I was attacked and killed by a monkey and then was saved by a civilian and then was not able to be cloned and beaten by sec then quit.

I hope that you can understand why I want to have this ban appealed because I was Bored and in my frenzy of Stupidity I decided to vape welder bomb the Bar and I can be understanding If you do not wish to appeal this ban.

I have decided that I wanted to reopen this appeal again as I have just now realized that it has been some times since I last tried to appeal this ban.

It looks like you still have not provided a voucher of good behavior from another SS13/SS14 server. As the last appeal response had informed you of, you are voucher banned, please ensure any future ban appeals have this requirement met or they will also be denied.

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