Banned for writing "KKK" on the ground with crayons

SS14 account username: Mattu
Ban reason:  Writing KKK with crayons.
Date of ban: 11.3.2023.
Length of ban: Ban is till appeal
Events leading to the ban: I was at the bar enjoying a few shots of whiskey peacefully until i stumbled across a box of crayons. I’m still kinda new to the game and at first didn’t even understand how the crayons actually worked. I think it is important to know at this point that me and the couple bartenders had a bit of a beef going on which kinda made me think that smearing their bar would make things better. This dumb idea led me to write all kinds of things on their floor, mostly some default pictures that you can make with those crayons. While implementing my new task of making their bar look like a mess I i found out that there were a few random letters that i could write with the crayons. There were something like Y K and S if i remember correctly. Now we are coming to the part that i regret deeply, i started to use the letters to form a word that i shouldn’t have ever written and that i really regret. I wrote KKK on the bars floor .
Reason the ban should be removed: I regret my behavior and i want to get a second change to prove that i’m not a evil troll. But the most important thing, I want to apologize to everyone that got offended or suffered from my actions. From now on i will behave and be respectful to everyone.  

The admin team has decided to reject this appeal. You can appeal again after 2 weeks.

dont bother reappealing until six months from now since you immediately decided to try and ban evade

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