Banned from bombing AME?

SS14 account name : BoejankGuts

Ban reason : AME bombing on round 23022 while no admins online

Date of ban : 05 April 2023

Length of ban : appeal only

Events leading ban : I don’t really remember when I bombed AME

Reason the ban should be removed : As far I remember, I never did bombing AME as a crews or syndicate (I only remember when I was nukies long time ago that I bombed ame with C4) since they have no real benefit for me.

And if that round (23022) referred to Aspid station, I set up lots of injection on (about 100+) after round ended or round summary showed up since evac shuttle left me behind and screamed myself while running away from that AME about to exploded. Last gameplay before ban happened, I played as syndicate with objectives to get CE’s magboots and prime cut corgi.

I really don’t remember I bombing AME, even I was bwoinked by admin long time ago because he/she/they suspected me want to destroy AME, turned out I’m refilling AME (still on Aspid station)

Screenshot (33).png

My apologies,

It was difficult to tell if this was during end-round or not. This ban will be lifted and will not count against you.

From Accepted to Ban Appeals